It’s a dog’s life -and every one is worth saving

The three Staffordshire Bull Terriers left locked up in the house at Elsecar.
The three Staffordshire Bull Terriers left locked up in the house at Elsecar.

For once this is not a rant.- but hopefully by writing this I might be able to save at least one life.

A friend of mine has restored my faith in human nature this week. In the face of indifference, ignorance and cruelty, over a couple of days he made sure two abandoned terriers were delivered to a loving home.

Al - he doesn’t want his identity published - is a volunteer transporter for abandoned and condemned dogs.

Using his own car and at his own expense he juggles his own job with picking up unwanted dogs and drives them around the country to people who want to give them a home.

The poor creatures could be in the final hours leading to a lethal injection at a council pound, or in the last chance saloon at an animal charity looking for a permanent home.

The Internet site, sets up a loose network of animal lovers the length and breadth of the country who can ‘hitch’ a ride whenever an identified dog is given the chance of a reprieve for a new life.

Al is on call and responds whenever he can via the site. And his tales of transporting four leggfed friends who have escaped a lifetime of cruelty can be heart-rending.

Here’s one Facebook report: “Phew. what a run. Arrive at Chapel-en-le-Frith to collect a dog bound for Nottingham. Accident around M60 meant nearly an hour and a half delay.

“Finally get the dog, she has demolished the dog guard that was already reinforced.

“So, crated her much to her chagrin, she made a racket but seemed to settle, until we finally got the the M1. Then hell breaks loose, Staffy cross with staffy jaws, after trying to bash the doors of the crate open with no luck, she just ate the crate. Ripped off bars, bent them around and forced through the gap. One emergency stop on the motorway with her gasping, neck stuck through the gap and caught on a bent piece of crate, get her freed but can’t risk getting her out to un-crate on the m-way, by the time I’m off the motorway she’s demolished the crate and is half out, but again caught on sharp metal.

“Rest of the trip with her lead tied to a headrest while she tries to get to me for fusses.

“Poor girl, still little more than a pup and evidently already worn out from breeding, and cowered so much when I reached to tie her lead to the headrest, expecting to be hit but just wanting to be friends. “One totally demolished crate going for scrap slightly bloodied girl delivered to foster - but cuts seemed to be superficial and no proper puncture wounds thankfully..”

If you can help check out the website.