‘It brings bad memories flooding back’ says Newby father

THE father of the girl who survived the Mexborough triple death crash has told how his “heart sunk” when he learned of this latest horrific crash which claimed three more young lives at the weekend.

Kerry Newby spoke out as his 16-year-old daughter Chloe recovers in hospital after the crash in Mexborough on December 27, which killed her boyfriend and two pals.

Just five weeks on from this tragedy, three more families have been left shattered after three teenagers died when their car hit a tree in Conisbrough on Sunday morning.

Mr Newby said this week: “My heart just sank when I heard about it, it brought a lot of it back.

“We have tried to keep Chloe away from it because she is still upset about what happened in her accident.

“But it’s so shocking because both incidents have only happened a few weeks apart.

“It is another tragedy, I can’t even put it into words how their family and friends must be feeling.”

He is now calling for the legal driving limit of 17 to be raised and believes young drivers should be taught more about road safety.

“I know there has been talk about raising it to 21, and I definitely think it should be looked at.

“But I must also say the majority of people are responsible drivers. The driver in volved in Chloe’s accident was a lovely lad, and was very responsible.

“I don’t know too much about this latest incident, but just speaking in general terms I think young drivers should go on additional courses to teach them about being responsible drivers.

“It’s okay doing the lessons, and passing your test, but I think they should be shown what happens if things go wrong to try and shock them into being careful.

“It only takes a split second for a terrible crash to happen.”

Meanwhile, Labour Leader and Doncaster North MP Ed Miliband has expressed his sympathy to the families, and urged motorists to drive carefully.

He said: “These tragic accidents have very sadly killed six young people who should have had their whole lives ahead of them.

“Everyone’s thoughts will be with the families of those who died. It’s so important, especially when the roads are wet, that everyone takes care.”