Isle stabbing woman home with ‘miracle’ baby

Lauren and Harper
Lauren and Harper

The victim of an alleged horrific stabbing incident is thrilled to be home from

hospital with her ‘miracle baby’.

Brave Lauren Oliver suffered multiple wounds in the alleged attack at Belton on June 11, that took place while she was heavily pregnant. Her baby daughter Harper was born prematurely but has proved as resilient as her mum, and is now out of hospital.

This week Lauren, 25, spoke of her joy at being home with her young family all together. Little Harper has gained weight and managed to feed without a tube for the first time at the end of last week.

The young Belton mum was out of hospital first, but thought it might be weeks before Harper could join her and second daughter Ruby, six, at home. She said: “I’m feeling a lot better. Everyone says they can’t believe how well we’re both doing. The only thing I can’t do yet is to drive.”

Of Harper, she added: “She’s beautiful, and gaining weight. Her clothes are really tiny and when I wash them it’s like a doll’s washing line.

“I’ve been busy dashing between school and the hospital. Everyone’s been really supportive. My family and friends make sure I don’t spend a minute on my own.”

She continued: “It’s about milestones and progress, and at the moment I’m planning a christening for Harper, maybe in October. I’m so happy we can all be together properly. Harper manages something new every day. It’s been hard but we’re on the up now.”

The riding instructor said that when she held her second daughter for the first time it “didn’t feel real because I didn’t think she would be there.

Harper began her life in an incubator and it was days before the little battler began breathing unaided, then started taking milk. Lauren could only hold her baby for minutes at a time at first.

Lauren added: “I was a bit nervous about Harper coming home because she is still so tiny. But she’s on regular four-hourly feeds, and sleeps in my room. I’m confident in looking after her as I’ve got all the help I need with the good family and friends I have.”

Scores of friends have followed the young family’s progress via social media and the torrent of good luck messages continues to flow. The shock of the trauma of June 11 left the Belton neighbourhood stunned, and people throughout the Isle have rallied round to lend their support.

Nicholas James Leaning, 28, of Torbay Court, Scunthorpe, remains in custody charged with one count of attempted murder and one count of attempted child destruction.