Isle pupils’ work to highlight rare syndrome

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Classmates at Belton All Saints’ Church Of England Primary School are supporting a charity that works to fund research and help those who have the little-known Smith-Magenis Syndrome.

Pupils raised £109.42 for the Smith-Magenis Syndrome Foundation to support classmate Elizabeth Dudley, 11, who has the condition.

They raised the cash as part of an enterprise project, running small businesses to make a profit from a £5 investment. They sold refreshments at sports days, baked cakes, held film nights and ran a stationary shop, while keeping accounts. A vote decided to split the profit between one local, and one international charity.

As November 17 was Smith-Magenis Syndrome Awareness Day, pupils were keen to do their bit towards this as well.

Elizabeth’s mum, Christine Dudley, said: “Life with Elizabeth is a bit of a roller coaster, especially as she sleeps very little and leaves me very tired. Her emotions are up and down and she can react strongly if something upsets her. With more awareness of Smith-Magenis, people might understand her behaviour more and be more accepting.

“She is very bright and has stayed in mainstream school. All she wants is to be included in whatever others are doing. Sadly she is sometimes left out of activities. It’s really important that research is funded in to this condition, caused by one bit of missing chromosome. Also that people understand how hard it is for families to cope in general.”