Isle charity’s appeal for help for stricken family

Jessie and Macy Stocks
Jessie and Macy Stocks

The Pride of the Isle charity is appealing to DIY experts, to help lift a struggling young family from despair.

Tiny Jessie Stocks was diagnosed with leukaemia last year. For the past 13 months she has been treated and had to stay in Sheffield Children’s Hospital with mum Mel, 37.

They hope to be home to Barnsley soon, but the house they moved in to not long ago is in an unfit state.

Although her cancer was treated successfully, Jessie developed complications from a necessary bone marrow transplant. She also suffered severe side effects from intense chemotherapy treatment.

Jessie has the Philadelphia chromosome gene, which is rare in children, and made her leukaemia difficult to treat. She constantly struggles with infection, and the exhausted family has had to cope with living apart for over a year.

Two-year old Jessie’s and her seven-year old sister Macy’s rooms need re-carpeting and decorating. Dad Sam had started the work, but everything was placed on hold with Jessie’s eventual diagnosis of leukaemia.

Engineer Sam now has no time to do the DIY but needs their home ready for his wife and youngest daughter to move back to at a moment’s notice.

A tearful Mel explained: “I hardly get to see Sam and Macy. Sam rushes here after work, then home, and by then it’s almost Macy’s bedtime.

“He’s absolutely shattered and has lost his spark, I’ve never seen him so low. We don’t want to ask for help but the girls’ bedrooms are a real mess and we need them clean and dry at least.

“Macy has had it rough without her mum and her sister. She deserves a proper bedroom too. Jessie has been so brave. She lights up when she sees her sister and they can’t wait to be together again.”

She added: “A friend put us in touch with Leesa Sharpe and she is keen to help. We’re so grateful.”

Leesa Sharpe, chair of Pride of the Isle, said: “We are calling on tradespeople across the area in the hope they might spare some time to help the Stocks family. We have pledged to help get their house comfortable and give the girls princess bedrooms.

“If anyone can help in any way, please get in touch by emailing”