In the Saddle: Pony to the rescue

It's always sad to hear the plight of any rescue animals, but for me the saddest of all is the amount of horses and ponies left abandoned at the moment. I love to hear success stories though on how some of these unlucky ponies are rehabilitated and find a happy ending.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 14 June, 2018, 09:00

Local girl Victoria Beck, age 19, is one of the loveliest girls I’ve met through horses. I saw Dallas advertised by the sanctuary on Facebook and tagged her mum on the pony advert.

Vicky was having a few issues with her pony ‘Merlyn’ and knew she was looking for a confidence giver in addition to Merlyn.

This little pony is brave, trusting and has a beautiful kind nature and it wasn’t long before Vicky fell in love.

It’s been wonderful watching them both progress and Vicky’s confidence has soared in the process, helping her in turn deal more confidently with Merlyn. Together they have been out competing locally in dressage, showing and more recently they were invited to ride at the prestigious Belton international Horse Trials in a wonderful celebration and parade of the rescue ponies as the sanctuary has been chosen as their charity for 2018.

It’s lovely to see such a happy ending for Dallas and although he is a rescue pony, I bet Vicky agrees when I say he rescued Vicky. He’s a wonderful pony who has met a wonderful girl to love him.

You can find out about open days and events at Bransby from their website on

In the meantime, good luck for this season Vicky.