“I’d never give Donald Trump a makeover:’ Doncaster Queer Eye star would say no to US president

Doncaster Queer Eye star Tan France has said he would never give American president Donald Trump a makeover.

Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 11:09 am
Updated Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 11:13 am
Queer Eye star Tan France would refuse to give US president Donald Trump a makeover. (Photo: Getty Images).

The Doncaster-born fashion designer, who has become a global star on the hit makeover show, says he has no desire to work his magic in the White House.

Asked if he would have President Trump on the show which sees five gay men restyle straight men, he said: "The short answer is no.

He says he couldn't "care less about his appearance", but would only allow the US President on if it meant "he'd actually have to spend a week with me and see me as an actual person".

He said the show is about "bridging the divide between people who have never met gay people before and us".

"Let's call a spade a spade, all of us boys on the show are liberals and the people we are meeting are mostly Republicans,” he said.

A remake of 2003's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the Netflix show features the "Fab Five" as they give a makeover to someone who has been nominated by friends and family.

The show is streamed in 190 countries around the world with a new series on the way soon.

He would love to bring the show back to his hometown of Doncaster and said: "I am almost positive the reason I might be fired from Netflix is because they're so sick of receiving that email from me saying, 'Please let's go to South Yorkshire, please let's go to South Yorkshire.'"

He has previously spoken of his problems as gay Muslim growing up in Doncaster.

He has worked as a fashion designer for more than 15 years, and notably founded the women’s clothing line Kingdom & State.

Tan, whose real name is Tanweer Wasim France, studied fashion at Doncaster College and then moved to Manchester before ultimately settling in London. 

In 2008 he began working in the United States and he moved there in 2015.

He now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and is married to his husband Rob.

Last year, the presenter told how he was subjected to racism and homophobia growing up in Doncaster - and finds it easier to live in the USA as a gay Muslim.

He told Vogue magazine: "I don't get called the same names as I did at home in the north of England. I would often get called a 'P***', and that's sickening in this day and age."