I paid the price for being a jet setter

Doncaster Free Press reporter Kate Mason.  Picture: Liz Mockler D1594LM
Doncaster Free Press reporter Kate Mason. Picture: Liz Mockler D1594LM

It’s always a delight to jet off to a cosmopolitan destination that you have never been to before.

So imagine my excitement when a university pal suggested visiting Copenhagen for our latest reunion.

Copenhagen, Denmark.

Copenhagen, Denmark.

And this wasn’t just any reunion as it would mark a decade of friendship - a prospect that left me feeling proud and decidedly old.

I thought Copenhagen was a random choice but couldn’t wait to discover the gems of this Danish city.

It was only when we’d already booked the flights that I found out it was the third most expensive city in Europe - we really should have done our research.

After arriving at the airport in Copenhagen I decided to wait for my three other partners in crime at the bar.

Not wanting to blow all my money in the first ten minutes I decided to side step the wine and headed for the familiar green glow of the Carlsberg kiosk - trying desperately not to look too much like a typical Brit abroad.

Given that Carlsberg is probably one of the cheapest lagers in Britain I felt confident that in Copenhagen - the place where it is brewed - it wouldn’t break the bank.

That was until the barman smiled sweetly and asked for 70 Danish Krone in return for the cheap ale - which to you and me is about £9.

I tried not to look too shocked as the barman snatched the note from me before generously deciding that he would throw in a free bag of crisps - nice gesture but I’d expect a free crystal cut pint pot for that price.

Unfortunately for us this was just the start of the Danish debts we were about to notched up.

From jugs of tap water that cost £2 to I love Copenhagen fridge magnets that cost £10 - it was crazy.

The pinnacle for me was a birthday card we stumbled across in a shop for the reasonable price of £12. It wasn’t even a nice card - it just had a boat on the front.

The only saving grace was that we’d managed to stock up on booze at the airport so we could at least have a few doubles before we headed out and had to sell our kidneys on the black market to buy a bottle of wine.

I realise I am moaning a lot about a trip that I actually loved and aside from the ridiculous prices Copenhagen had a lot to offer.

With it’s picturesque cobbled street and quaint restaurants it really was like walking round in a postcard.

We even dropped on with the weather and were able to bask in Scandinavian sun in between blasts of wind.

And for four friends who had 10 years of good times to reminisce on it was the perfect setting.

Although I left Copenhagen with memories to cherish for a lifetime I also left with a large dent in my bank balance.