I’m older for the loss of my old pal


Re: Death of Mexborough butcher Vaughan (Times, June 2).

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since you and I used to tear about in your souped-up Sprite, Vaughan.

Some of your driving ideas did not conform to the Highway Code – if one side of the road is busy, try the other side, for example.

We had a good few nights at the Three Horse Shoes, at Wickersley Jazz Club, many in the old Ferry Boat and other hostelries, sometimes in the company of Keith Farmery, Tony Capstick and others.

You followed your father as a very hard-working young man.

Last time we met, at the Manvers at Adwick, you were still the same pleasant man I knew when we were both 19 and 20.

I’m not 20 now, but I felt a bit older as a result of reading this news.


(Via email)