I ink therefore I am, say artists

Tattoo artists Daz Rogan,left, and Jack Shutt who have opened a new tattoo parlour on Gleadless Mount
Tattoo artists Daz Rogan,left, and Jack Shutt who have opened a new tattoo parlour on Gleadless Mount

A YOUNG Sheffield tattoo artist who always wanted to run his own business has finally achieved his dream after saving up for four years.

Jack Shutt, aged 21, and fellow artist Darren Rogan, have set up the All Ink tattoo parlour in Gleadless Town End, despite being turned down for charity grants.

He said: “It’s been a right nightmare starting up. But I love tattooing and I’ve never wanted to do anything else. I intend to stay here and make it work.”

Jack worked for the Army and Ink tattoo parlour in Edlington, Doncaster, for four years before deciding to go it alone.

He applied for funding from the Prince’s Trust and various other community grants but failed to win the cash to get his business off the ground.

Determined to achieve his dream, Jack saved up and two months ago opened his shop in Gleadless Mount. He says the company isn’t like other tattoo parlours - it has a unique selling point.

At most tattoo parlours, the walls are adorned with more ink than the customers, with potential designs plastered on every surface.

But at All Ink Tattoos the two artists draw every tattoo from scratch.

“Every tattoo is completely unique. It’s not like other parlours where you pick a design from a book,” said Jack.

“No two customers ever have the same tattoo, even if they ask for a similar design.

“There are loads of ways you can make two tattoos different,” said Jack.

“Say two people want a skull. We could draw different angles, shadows, styles. It’s about making each one unique to each person.”

Jack and Darren, 28, sit down with every customer to discuss what they want.Then they sketch out each design before calling the customer back to show them the finished art and apply the ink.

“It takes longer than a normal parlour but it’s a more individual service. And no one has asked us to change a design,” said Jack.

The whole process takes a few days – although there is a walk-in service for those pushed for time.

Jack said: “The strangest request we’ve had so far was from a woman who wanted an image of a bee sitting on a rock - because her husband’s nickname was ‘Buzz Rock’.”