Hundreds of pro-Brexit marchers stage Doncaster demo as protest prepares to leave town -VIDEO

Hundreds of pro-Brexit marchers descended on Doncaster town centre yesterday afternoon as Nigel Farage’s Leave Means Leave march arrived in town.

Protesters staged a noisy and colourful parade through the town centre before ending the latest leg of the 270 mile walk to London at the Red Lion pub in the Market Place.

Nigel Farage's March To Leave comes to Doncaster.

Nigel Farage's March To Leave comes to Doncaster.

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The march, which set off from Sunderland on Saturday, is due to arrive in London on March 29 – the day Britain was scheduled to leave the EU.

Walkers set off from Nostell near Wakefield yesterday morning and were met in Doncaster by supporters who joined in a noisy protest outside the Wetherspoons pub.

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The second Doncaster leg of the walk set off from Wadworth this morning and is heading to Worksop.

However, march figurehead Nigel Farage was absent from the protest – despite being invited to enjoy a pint at Doncaster town centre pub the Three Horse Shoes.

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Brexit could now take place on April 12 or May 22 – the later date if MP’s back Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal in a third vote next week, the earlier date if they don’t and when Britain will be told to come up with an alternative plan where options include no deal, a further, lengthier extension or revoking Article 50 and cancelling Brexit altogether.