Hundreds of emergency calls - including 96 assaults - on New Year’s Eve in Yorkshire

Yorkshire Ambulance Service staff taking 999 calls.
Yorkshire Ambulance Service staff taking 999 calls.

Ambulance staff covering South Yorkshire attended 1,302 emergency calls on New Year’s Eve - and at one point there was one call every 12 seconds

Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust said that more than half of calls were made between midnight and 6am and there were 96 calls regarding assaults.

There were also more serious calls, classed as red calls, than the previous year with 445 compared to 386 in 2014.

Many were alcohol related. In Sheffield and Doncaster there were community medical units in place to help free up emergency ambulances.

Ben Holdaway, of Yorkshire Ambulance Service, said: “New Year’s Eve aside, demand for our service continues to increase. So our New Year’s message for 2016 is to remind members of the public to use the 999 service wisely.”