Hospital staff in visit to Sudan

BARNSLEY Hospital staff are hoping to create a special training unit in Sudan following a visit to the country.

Doctors and nurses from the hospital recently met up with medical staff in the North African country at the third Annual General Meeting of the Sudanese Society of Gastroenterology.

As part of the trip, sponsored by a charity of Sudanese doctors called SALAMAT*, healthcare workers from across Sudan were invited to attend the ‘advanced endoscopy workshop’ provided by the Barnsley Hospital staff at Soba University Hospital.

Lectures, live video transmission sessions, and hands on training made up the course, created by Dr Elmuhtady Said.

Dr Said and the medical investigations team are now hoping to create a gastrointestinal endoscopy training unit in the country.

He said: “It was a great opportunity for our endoscopy team to share knowledge, experience and skills and to play a role in planning the development of healthcare with local health authorities in Sudan.

“The teaching and training we delivered was received with great enthusiasm by all those who attended - who often work in deprived surroundings with little or no equipment, support or basic skills.

“As a result of the trip we intend to create a specialist gastrointestinal endoscopy training unit in the Sudan which will continue in the future without external help.”