Hospital parking causing a danger on the roads, claim concerned Doncaster residents

Fed-up residents who say their street is being parked-up with hospital traffic are demanding action to end their misery.

Thursday, 24th January 2019, 2:05 pm
Updated Thursday, 24th January 2019, 2:08 pm
Roy Penketh and Ian Sunderland are concerned about parking on Thorne Road, Wheatley

Since parking restrictions were put in place on other streets, residents say the stretch of Thorne Road between Hillcrest Road and Thorne Hill Avenue has become constantly parked up – leaving residents facing danger every time they try to take their cars off their drives.

Now they are calling for restrictions to be put in place on their street too.

Roy Penketh and Ian Sunderland are concerned about parking on Thorne Road, Wheatley

A total of 28 residents on that section of road have sent letters to the council calling for parking to be limited to four hours during the daytime.

Roy Penketh, one of the concerned residents, said: “My next-door neighbour is bed ridden and has a carer who visits. The carer has had two bumps to her car already, and sometimes has to walk hundreds of yards with heavy equipment to get there. It can make her late for her next appointments.

“We don’t want double yellow lines because that would affect carers.

“This has been a problem since they took action on streets like Chelmsford Drive, Wentworth Road, Raby Road and Lifford Road.”

He said the poor visibilty that the parking caused meant residents could be left having to reverse out onto a 40mph carriageway to get off their drives.

“Putting a restriction in place could prevent a serious accident,” he said.

Neighbour Ian Sunderland added: “Everyone on this street wants something doing. The danger aspect for most people is that they can’t see to get out of their drive, especially with the bigger cars that park there.”

He said residents believed the cars which park all day are those owned by hospital staff, as the Doncaster Royal Infirmary is near to their street.

Officials at Doncaster Council say they are looking into the issue.

Gill Gillies, assistant director of environment at the authority, said: “We are aware of concerns about parking in this area and will be engaging with residents shortly on this matter. They will receive a letter and further information about potential parking restriction schemes for their consideration as part of our consultation.”