HEATWAVE: South Yorkshire residents urged to be 'water wise' as hosepipe ban hits north west


South Yorkshire residents are being urged to use less water during the hot weather - but there are currently no plans for a hosepipe ban in the county.

United Utilities has announced a hosepipe ban from August 5 that will affect about seven million people in the north west but Yorkshire Water said there are currently no plans to follow suit in this area.

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But with the hot, dry weather set to continue, people across the country are being urged to be “water wise” and limit their use by avoiding sprinklers, letting their lawns go brown and not washing their cars.

A Yorkshire Water spokeswoman said: “We are continuing to see increased demand for water in the region due to the hot weather.

“Demand for water is regularly exceeding 1.4bn litres a day. We are sometimes seeing daily increases of up to 200m litres – which is more than the daily demand of water for Leeds.

“However, our planning processes mean we have been able to anticipate and plan for this extra demand and our colleagues are working hard around the clock to maximise our production to meet this.

"This level of demand and the length of time since significant rainfall will have an impact on our raw water resources and we would be grateful if our customers would help us out by reducing the amount of water they use.”

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The organisation previously explained how it has had to divert resources to 'maximise production' to meet higher demand for water resources across South Yorkshire.

Pictures also recently emerged showing the upper reservoir at Redmires in Sheffield drained and looking like a barren Martian landscape.

The site has been emptied as part of £6 million worth of safety improvements, with work also being carried out at Dale Dike reservoir on the edge of the Peak District and Underbank reservoir near Stocksbridge.

The reservoir is not set to be refilled until next year but Yorkshire Water said there would be no change to the schedule and there was no need for the site to be filled more quickly.

The spokesperson said last week the current raw water reservoir levels are at 74 per cent, which is "around our normal control lines" and the area is "a long way" from being in a drought.

He added: "There are no current water shortages and we take raw water from a number of sources, not just reservoirs. The weather has not had any impact on the scheduled works.

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"Our water grid across Yorkshire allows us to move water around the county to where its most needed so we already regularly switch sources around the county.

"It’s the grid, built in the late 90’s and extended later, which means we have the most resilient supply network in the UK."