Hearty fun at Rosehill

Shipshape kids were out peering under plants and poking around the pavilion at Rosehill Park this week.

The Rawmarsh treasure hunt at the award-winning park saw scores of youngsters chasing clues for hidden bounty.

Captain Donna Morton of the good ship Green Spaces said: “We weighed anchor and hoisted the mizzen at this fantastic event yarrr!

“It’s a little known fact that in the eighteenth century pirates would bring their treasure to Rosehill Park and scurry it away. We were there to hornswaggle those pieces o’eight.”

All the young buccaneers were told to stay with older salty seadogs, but were allowed to take part in the afternoon hunt for free.

The event was for six to 11 year-olds and was a hearty success that is sure to be repeated.