Young Doncaster cancer victim set to meet heroes

Former olympic champion Bryan Steel.
Former olympic champion Bryan Steel.

A Doncaster girl who overcame eye cancer will be doing her bit for charity by supporting a 200-mile charity trek

Olivia Harrison, aged four, will be meeting a team of riders including four-time Olympic cyclist Bryan Steel and blind Paralympic footballer Darren Harris when they stop overnight at Doncaster en route to Nottingham on 200-mile challenge tonight.

Vision Express staff and supporters in Doncaster will also be taking part in the event.

Olivia was diagnosed with the rare eye cancer, retinoblastoma when she was a baby and mum Jane is very keen to raise awareness of this cancer.

Jane, 38, of Armthorpe said: “We want to help raise awareness and help other families.”

The aim of the ride is to raise tens of thousands of pounds for the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust to help children with eye cancer and offer support to their families.

Jane and Olivia will be meeting the riders from 4.30pm at the Mount Pleasant Hotel.