Union chief shows his support for Doncaster strikers

Care UK protest in Bentley.
Care UK protest in Bentley.

The leader of one of Britain’s biggest uinions is in Doncaster tomorrow to lend his support to a group of strikers.

Dave Prentis, general secretary of Unison, will join the Doncaster care workers’ picket line from 8am until 12pm at the Care UK office at Carr House, Heavens Walk, Doncaster Carr.

More than 100 care workers have been threatened with cuts to their pay and conditions by Care UK and have so far taken 22 days’ strike action.

Unison say the issue has raised national concerns about the company’s activities in Doncaster and across the whole country. Mr Prentis has supported the strikers from the beginning and is making the visit to show the union’s full backing for them.

He said: “Our members in Doncaster have been forced to strike by the threats of the company to slash pay and conditions.

“Many of our members will simply not be able to pay their bills and some would lose their homes. They have shown courage and self-sacrifice to take this action because it is not just the threatened cuts they are fighting against.

“They are also fighting to preserve a service to some of the most vulnerable people in society and I want to show our admiration and solidarity for a brave and principled group of people.”