Hospital resists merger scheme

John Healey, MP
John Healey, MP

Dearne MP John Healey is backing Rotherham Hospital’s board in its plan to keep Rotherham as a stand-alone facility.

Mr Healey voiced hopes that future changes will be “changes in the way the hospital works rather than cutbacks in services that patients will see.”

A 2500 name petition was delivered to Downing Street this month to show the swell of public support for keeping Rotherham’s hospital within the town for the convenience of local patients.

The MP added: “I’m pleased the hospital board has listened to our public campaign and rejected the NHS regulator’s pressure for a hospital merger, and I strongly welcome their aim to keep Rotherham hospital independent.”

He continued: “It’s clear that hospital bosses believe they can sort out the finances and continue the high quality NHS services we have in Rotherham. The top priority now is to persuade the Government’s NHS regulator in London to agree. As Rotherham’s three MPs, Kevin Barron, Sarah Champion and I will be meeting Monitor again in the New Year to support the case our hospital submits.

“However, I will also argue that Monitor must allow Rotherham to take a hospital merger completely off the table. It would mean NHS decisions and services taken out of Rotherham.