Get the help you need to make changes

AUTUMN is a time when the landscape changes and there’s that familiar chilly nip in the air, but it’s not just a new season which can unsettle us.

Many of us can feel uncomfortable when we’re aware that, three-quarters of the way through the year, we’re still not achieving what we want out of life, or enjoying the happiness we feel we deserve.

But Monday of this week marked the International Change Your Life Week and Lesley Garner, author of the guide book Everything I’ve Ever Learned About Change has offered a welcomed boost for Doncaster’s women wanting that help to move in a different direction.

“The art of bringing about change and dealing with it when it happens is essential to happiness,” she said.

“Change is inevitable, without it we’d stagnate and go mad with boredom, whereas constant adaptation creates the momentum and energy which keeps us going.

“By looking at change we can learn how to empower ourselves to bring it about. It isn’t something we have to suffer - but something we should celebrate. Autumn’s the most productive time in nature and the best time for us to channel our harvest of energy, built up over the summer, to create a different landscape for ourselves with small changes or major ones.”

International Change Your Life Week runs until Sunday. For more, visit