Free Isle weight loss initiative

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A free service to educate people about safe weight loss and healthier lifestyles has been launched in the Isle and across North Lincolnshire. LivingWise will help people to lose weight safely, while helping to tackle obesity levels, which are at a worrying level, above regional and national averages.

The programme is for everyone aged 16 and above with a Body Mass Index (BMI) that indicates they are above a healthy weight. there is free access to Momenta - a weight management programme designed by experts in the fields of nutrition, physical activity and psychology.

This uses behaviour change techniques to help people set realistic goals. Programmes will be run across the whole of North Lincolnshire, including the Isle. Attend an initial “Getting Started” session to hear more about the 12-week programme and consider how it could benefit you.

To find out more or to sign up visit or call 01724 749560. BMIs can be checked at

The council’s Active Together programme is also there for anyone who is physically inactive, with an initial six months free of charge. For more details contact Michelle Dawson on 01724 297280, email:

Rob Waltham, deputy leader at North Lincolnshire Council, said: “The number of people in North Lincolnshire that are overweight or obese is just over 70 per cent compared to 64 per cent nationally. This is something we are very committed to lowering, through improving people’s eating habits and lifestyles.”

Local LivingWise Health and Wellbeing Coach Manager, Beth Downie, said: “We are really looking forward to engaging with as many people as possible across the region.”