Doncaster prize girl cheers up sick kids

(L-R)Dawn Toone, Sapphire Wroe and Lindsey Arthur
(L-R)Dawn Toone, Sapphire Wroe and Lindsey Arthur

A hospital where callous thieves have been stealing from sick children has found a real diamond in schoolgirl Sapphire Wroe.

The eight-year-old girl won a PlayStation 4 in a competition and promptly donated it to the children’s ward at Doncaster Royal Infirmary – where visitors have been stealing games intended for poorly youngsters.

Sapphire Wroe

Sapphire Wroe

Sapphire, a pupil at Copley Junior School in Sprotbrough, won a contest run by Wynsors World of Shoes to design her own pair of Kickers.

The full prize included a pair of her own shoes designed especially for her by Kickers, a PlayStation 4, a Kickers goodie bag, two pairs of Kickers and £200 cash for her school.

Most children would not be able to wait to begin playing on their new PlayStation 4, but rather than rush inside to play with her prize, Sapphire has made the selfless decision to help the children’s ward. In the past two years the ward has suffered other computer game thefts and it is the second time one has been replaced by a generous benefactor.

Sapphire said: “I thought it would be nice to give the PlayStation 4 to the Children’s Ward at the DRI.

“I don’t really need to play on video games because I already have an iPad.

“The children in hospital are not very well so hopefully the PlayStation will make them feel a little bit happier.”

The generous donation from Sapphire was gratefully received by staff on the ward.

Ward playleader Lindsey Arthur said: “Donations are something that we really do value. We’ve had a Wii go missing from the ward recently so Sapphire’s donation has come just at the right time.

“We are extremely grateful of such acts of generosity from young stars like Sapphire. The Play and Activity Team rely on donations so her kindness is very much appreciated.”

Staff Nurse Dawn Toone added: “I’d like to thank Sapphire for her donation. It really is appreciated and it acts as a great distraction to take the children’s mind off their current illness.

“We are trying to create familiar surroundings and make the ward a home from home for our patients. The PlayStation will no doubt help the children settle in a lot quicker.”

Sapphire’s parents are extremely proud of the kind gesture their daughter has made.

Her father Ian Wroe said: “The Wynsors design competition has really brought Sapphire out of herself, she’s a lot more confident than she was. We’re extremely proud of Sapphire.

“I think it’s an amazing thing for an eight year old to want to do. She’s very much like her mum, always thinking of others before herself. It’s a lovely quality to have.”

Sapphire entered the competition because she loves Kickers and wanted a new pair.

“I like glitter, leopard print and silver so I put all of those things into my design. I draw a lot, even when I’m not in school. When my mum and Dad ask me what I want to be when I grow up I always say a designer. If Kickers or Wynsors really liked my designs I’d go and work for them when I grow up and finish school.

“I’m really happy I’ve been able to share my prize with others. I’m already looking out for other Wynsors competitions to enter!”

The Kickers team are now busily working away to turn Sapphire’s design into the actual samples.