Cancer fund extension boost for Isle patients

Andrew Percy MP
Andrew Percy MP

A scheme to help Isle cancer patients which was in danger of being axed has been extended for another three years.

sThe Government was going to stop the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) but has now announced it will continue until 2016.

The £200m-a-year scheme allows patients to access treatments which were sought by doctors but which have not been given the go-ahead for widespread use on the NHS.

Isle MP Andrew Percy welcomed the move this week and said it will give Isle cancer patients the opportunity to gain access to life-extending treatments.

He said: “This important fund is helping cancer patient’s access drugs that they would otherwise be denied.

“For years too many patients were denied access to life-extending treatments simply because they were deemed too expensive.

“Since we introduced this fund, 34,000 patients have received drugs they would otherwise have been denied.”

It is estimated around 16,500 extra patients nationwide will benefit each year as a result.

Andrew Wilson, chief executive of the Rarer Cancers Foundation, said the move will be “warmly welcomed” by cancer patients.”