Barbecue safety warning issued in Dearne

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A safety warning has been issued to Dearne residents thinking off rounding off their summer with a barbecue this Bank Holiday weekend.

Rotherham Council and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is handing out advice after revealing cases of food poisoning almost double each summer through the undercooking of raw meat.

A spokesperson for the FSA said: “You can be safety-conscious and sensational all at the same time.”

Their top tips include:

• Pre-cook the meat or poultry in the oven first and then finish it off on the barbecue for flavour

• Charred does not mean cooked so make sure that burgers, sausages, chicken and all meats are properly cooked by cutting into the meat and checking that it is steaming hot all the way through

• Disposable barbecues take longer so always check that your meat is cooked right through

• Avoid cross-contamination by storing raw meat separately before cooking, use different utensils, plates and chopping boards for raw and cooked food

* Don’t wash raw chicken or other meat, it just splashes germs.