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Montagu Hospital
Montagu Hospital

A HEALTH service at Montagu Hospital in Mexborough that cares for people in chronic, long-term pain has moved into its new home, with expanded treatment rooms and clinic facilities and more comfortable waiting areas for patients.

The chronic pain team previously operated from two separate parts of Montagu Hospital some distance apart. It meant that patients and hospital staff often had to move between the two, which was inconvenient.

The new Pain Management Unit, which opened this month, means the whole service now operates from the same part of the hospital in significantly enhanced facilities with a light, airy environment.

The unit boasts two seven-bed treatment wards where spinal injections, acupuncture and other forms of care for soft tissue problems can be provided.

The move has cleared the way for construction of the state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre that is set to open at Montagu Hospital by summer next year.