HEALTH: The benefits of yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation are now mainstream ideas with more and more reasearch being undertaken regarding their benefits.

Thursday, 25th January 2018, 11:00 am

Heartfulness meditation is a simple heart-based meditation which is free and open to all over 16 years of age. The speciality of Heartfulness meditation is yogic transmission which supports a balanced life and peace of mind.

When people experience Heartfulness meditation for the first time, invariably they report feeling calm and relaxed. With a little more practice, they often report that their sleep is much improved. As many people are currently struggling to meet the demands of a very busy lifestlye, quality of sleep becomes increasingly important to help keep stress at bay.

Heartfulness meditation can help in overcoming stress and letting go of negative habits.

When things are out of balance in our lives we can feel anxious, depressed fearful or angry, and if not managed properly these emotions can lead to more serious problems.

Heartfulness meditation offers simple tools to help us regain balance, so we feel refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalised. These tools are meditation, relaxation, cleaning/rejuvenation

and connection to the inner self, through the heart.

The daily rejuvenation/cleaning practice when the days work is over, helps us to feel refreshed and therefore promotes good quality sleep,and along with morning meditation practice helps us to prepare to meet the demands of the day. On a personal note I can vouch for the fact that the rejuvenation/cleaning aspect of this practice has sustained me in an otherwise stressful work environment during the past 23 years.

Recent research into adult mental health has highlighted that often mental health problems in adults have their roots in childhood. Emotional health and well being of children is an item which is currently quite high on the goverments agenda.

Many children today face sensory overload from an early age. Though technology is often seen as a leisure pursuit it can overstimulate the senses, reduce interpersonal interactions and reduce the amount of physical activity which children undertake, all of which may have an impact on their emotional health and well-being.

Extra curricular activities often fill every moment, leaving children very little ‘downtime’. It is sometimes not easy to spot signs of stress in children which can manifest a tummy pains, restlessness and irritiability.

Heartfulness relaxation has been introduced to children over the age of three years, in many schools across the UK to help them to find a safe space within themselves; to develop self-awareness and mastery over their emotions. A relaxation session can take as little as 15 minutes. Children themselves report really liking the relaxation and that it makes them feel happy, calm, or sleepy and they invariably ask for the Heartfulness trainer to come back soon, if not regularly. Children who have experienced regular relaxation sessions also comment on the quality of their sleep. One little boy told his teacher that he had practised the relaxation at home and said “ I went out like a light, Miss, and slept like a log.”

Heartfulness meditation provides a stepwise scientific approach to meditation.

If you would like to manage your life and emotions the Heartfulness Way, I invite you to take a look at the online free Masterclasses which are conducted by the global guide, Kamlesh Patel, and experience the effects of yogic transmission directly.