Hayley’s high hopes for dwarf business

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A Dearne enterpreneur has a sizeable problem on her hands - recruiting dwarves for her entertainment agency.

Mexborough woman Hayley Batty is seeking small people to fill a growing demand for dwarf kissograms.

But so far she has failed to attract applicants, with no response at all to advertisements on her agency website and on social media networks.

The only dwarf she does have on her books at present works in Ireland.

The 30-year old who runs Hayley B Entertainments said: “It has been suggested that it’s insulting to dwarves for them to do this work, but it’s entirely their choice.

“I used to do kissograms myself and really enjoyed the work.

“Kissograms are a huge market and I don’t feel they carry any kind of stigma.

“It’s fun, you get to travel about and meet people.

“No-one is being coerced. It’s simply a job.”

Hayley set up her business two years ago, after being a model and dancer since the age of 18.

She added: “I really enjoy running my own business and using my own experience in the industry to employ new acts and gauge what people are after.

“It took a couple of years for me to get established, but I feel I’m on the map now. Currently I have just over 20 acts on my books, and they are scattered all over Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.

“But it’s here in Yorkshire I want to be most solidly based.”

But the lack of response to her advertisements for dwarves does not worry her so far.

She added: “It won’t affect the business at all if no-one does come forward. There are plenty of other acts, but the opportunity is there if anyone wants it - it takes a certain type of personality.

“I haven’t ever even seen a dwarf kissogram, so am not really an authority on them.”

Activities involving dwarves have hit the headlines on several occasions in the past.

Dwarf tossing, when a dwarf is padded out with a helmet, then literally thrown around has caused controversy and objections from some human rights organisations.