Haxey and Westwoodside Heritage Society November meeting

AT THE opening of the November meeting of the Heritage Society members were invited to contribute part of their evening’s attendance fee to the British Legion Poppy Appeal this was agreed unanimously and raised the sum of £36.

Continuing the meeting details of the forthcoming coffee morning to be held in the Haxey Church Hall on Saturday November 19 were given, all of the Society’s publications and video would be reduced, items suitable for Christmas gifts, a book stall, a cake stall and a raffle along with hot mince pies served would make this an event to enjoy.

Invitations to the Christmas party were handed out which this year included the opportunity for members to invite their own guest to the party.

The chairman then welcomed the return of the Leader brothers to the Society with their presentation of ‘Yet another Box’ a melange of mysterious items which members were invited to identify and describe their use. Typical amongst the articles demonstrated was a square cup like pressed glass object which had been made in a cast iron mould ( a technique invented in Newcastle) these objects came in various colours were used in sets of 4 or 6 in the home during Victorian times and over time their purpose became reversed.

This will be identified in our next report as readers might wish to guess what the item could be.

Throughout the presentation another nine items were displayed and discussed with the majority of these eventually being identified by the members.

Giving the vote of thanks for an entertaining evening Mrs Sylvia Hook recalled some other half forgotten artefacts. The meeting then closed with refreshments served. The next meeting will be the Christmas party to be held in the Westwoodside Village Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday December 8. GS