Grounded Vulcan back in the skies once again

The Vulcan bomber
The Vulcan bomber

THE last remaining flying Vulcan bomber returned to the skies this week for the first time since its engines were damaged.

XH558 took off from its base at Doncaster’s Robin Hood Airport for a test flight after work was completed on replacing engines which had been wrecked when bags of silica gel were sucked into them in May.

A spokesman for the Vulcan to the Sky Trust charity, which runs the Cold War icon, said: “The flight went ahead after a last minute decision because there was a weather window.

“The aircraft cannot fly in cloud, and there had not been much clear sky. They carried out a test flight and landed successfully.

“It seemed to go reasonably well, and there will be a post flight debrief. There is a lot of relief that it’s back in the air.”

If the test flights are a success, the trust is hoping that the aeroplane may be able to take part in an air show at the weekend.”