Gritting on Rotherham Borough Council roads

Community event.
Community event.

Gritters in Rotherham worked overnight to cover 300 miles of the borough’s busiest main roads and bus routes.

The runs, by ten of Rotherham Borough Council’s gritting vehicles, began at 1 am and was followed by further ‘spot gritting’ - at particular sites vulnerable to ice - at 5 am.

The overnight work followed a grit of the road network yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) just as temperatures once again began to plummet. Crews are now assisting bin collections teams.

To date, Rotherham’s gritting crews have spread 450 tonnes of salt this week bringing the total used to 1,550 tonnes this season.

Winter weather co-ordinators and gritting crews will be on stand-by during the New Year period but weather forecasts reveal an increase in temperatures for the holiday.

Coun. Mahroof Hussain, environment cabinet member for Rotherham Borough Council, thanked the public for their patience during the bad weather.

He said: “We hope the public will bear with us. Bad weather makes everyday life very difficult but the authority has been doing all it can to keep the Borough moving. I can appreciate how frustrating this is but our gritting teams have been working around the clock and are also adding support to the waste collection teams, who are struggling with horrendous conditions on the ground at what is their busiest time of year.”