Grill the Mayor

Doncaster Mayor Peter Davies
Doncaster Mayor Peter Davies

IF you have a pressing issue you want to raise with the Mayor you will now have the chance at an open question time.

Starting on Wednesday the Mayor of Doncaster, Peter Davies is introducing a question session at the beginning of the council’s fortnightly Cabinet meeting where he will spend 20-minutes dealing with issues raised by residents.

Members of the public can come and ask questions on any topic, without needing to have them pre-approved.

Other elected members of the council will not be allowed to get involved in the question and answer session, although they will be able to discuss any issues raised during the meeting.

Mr Davies, said: “I am always happy to answer questions from any member of the public and am committed to being open and honest with people. Whenever I’m out and about I get stopped and asked questions so I thought it would be good to offer people a regular slot to come and talk to me.

“Having a slot at Cabinet meetings means it will be relaxed and without the stringent constraints imposed at Full Council which stifle discussion.

“If for any reason I can’t answer questions at the meeting I will reply in writing as soon as possible after the meeting. I look forward to hearing the questions local people want to ask.”

Questions are limited to one per person and it is asked anyone who wants a facts or figures based answer can submit their query in advance to the council office ahead of the meeting at the Mansion House from 10am.