Grieving husband gives advice for happy life

Jacky and Wayne Wilburn
Jacky and Wayne Wilburn

A GRIEVING husband has broken through the pain of losing his wife to cancer to offer words of ‘advice for life’.

The funeral of Jacky Wilburn, 47, took place this week at Goldthorpe Parish Church on Lockwood Road, after which her husband Wayne wanted to help others by explaining what had made the couple happy since their marriage in August 1981.

He told the South Yorkshire Times: “These are not rules; they are simply what we did. You only live once, and you should live and enjoy it together.” Says Wayne:

If you have a loving partner then tell them often.

If they make you cry, don’t be shy, it’s a good thing;

If you are away from each other, then keep in touch;

If they are late by a few minutes, call them;

Do everything you possible can for them;

Say I love you each day because you mean it;

Look deep into their eyes, I promise you a smile; Never say no if it hurts them; Always treat them;

Try and forgive, we are not perfect And finally, never go to sleep without a kiss and cuddle.

After Jacky was diagnosed with cancer there were years of treatment and operations that led to an ‘all clear’ in late 2009, but it was to prove a false dawn. The disease returned, and in September last year the couple were told nothing further could be done.

“We were told we had to enjoy the time we had left together. I simply couldn’t take it, and walked out of the room in tears,” said Wayne.

“They gave her no more than 12 months. It broke our hearts, and I’m truly sorry to say I kept it from our children, just as I had when we’d originally been told her life expectancy was five years.”

Jacky, of Simon’s Court, Wombwell, died last week, the day before Wayne’s birthday.

“I’d just like to add my thanks to all our family and friends for their support during this devastating time.”

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