‘Green’ firm is ripe for growth

A ‘GREEN’ company based at Wombwell is thriving despite the current economic climate.

Fernco Environmental, based at Valley Park on Newlands Way, has recruited three new staff already this year.

The success of its eco-friendly water management systems (rainwater harvesting) are held largely responsible for its growth, with contracts rolling in for sustainable drainage systems.

Fernco’s systems were tested across the world recently, when the company was tasked with improving the hydraulic performance of the Liawenee Flume in Tasmania.

The Liawenee Flume, bult in 1921 on the island 150 miles south of Australia, is a crucial power generation infrastructure on the island, where electricity is generated by a 30MW hydroelectric power station.

Renovation work by Fernco Environmental involved using Ultracoat, a waterproof and structurally reinforcing adhesive used to rehabilitate drainage infrastructure, which increased the water flow rate to the power station by 55 per cent.

A spokesman for the company that currently employs around 60 workers said: “We are a growing company and as far as we are concerned the future is looking rosy.

“We expect to take on new staff periodically”.