Good samaritan praised for coming to aid of stricken Doncaster couple in sweltering heat

Andy Swarek.
Andy Swarek.

A fire service volunteer has been praised for coming to the aid of an elderly couple when their car broke down in a busy main road in sweltering heat.

Andy Swarek was on her way home from an event in Conisbrough when she came across Mavis and George White who had broken down on a busy road in Doncaster.

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The couple, both aged in their late 70s, were told there would be a four hour wait for a recovery vehicle.

Despite the soaring temperatures, Mavis and George took matters into their own hands and stood for 90 minutes with jump leads at the ready in the hope that a bystander would come to their aid.

After having been passed by hundreds of motorists, it was Andy that eventually pulled over to help jump start the couple’s car.

The couple have now publicly praised Andy, who has been a volunteer cadet instructor for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue for only six months.

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In a statement, Mavis and George said: “As we weren’t registered with a breakdown company we weren’t a priority and feared we’d be sat there for the full four hours we’d been quoted.

"Andy stopped, was extremely polite and even offered us some water. She was kind and patient and was sympathetic to our situation even though she probably just wanted to get home.

"Andy went above and beyond and is a credit to the fire service as a volunteer.”

Their daughter, Rebecca White, added: "It might just be a jump start and a drink to some people but to my parents in their late 70’s this meant the world.

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"Andy is a huge credit to South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue and our faith in humanity has been restored because of her actions.”

Andy said: “I’d been sat in tailback traffic for about 15 minutes when I saw George stood by his car with one of the jump leads in his hand and the other connected to his car.

"Whilst other motorists seemed to be simply driving by, I pulled over to help. As soon as I stopped they both seemed to be very relieved to see me.”