Getting to the bottom of the Isle’s youth service provision

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NEWS: News.

Determined to get to the bottom of the North Lincolnshire Council’s intentions for youth service provision in Crowle, Town Councillors hope to get some answers when their Ward member Coun Trevor Barker meets the man at the heart of the storm.

He’s North Lincolnshire Council Cabinet member Rob Waltham, who has attracted storms of protest for months over this plans to revise the your service throughout the authority, claiming that it reached only 15% of the possible population, a figure he said was unacceptable.

Repeated requests for information from him from Crowle Town Council had gone unanswered, but Coun Trevor Barker, a member of both councils, told Crowle members he would get the answers for them.

“I have been asked to meet Coun Waltham in the next few weeks; tell me what questions you want answering, and I’ll get the answers,” he told the latest meeting of Crowle Town Council.

Coun Barker said earlier plans to involve the Diocese of Lincoln had now been scrapped, because the Diocese had withdraw its bid, and serving of redundancy notices on existing youth workers, originally planned for September, now wouldn’t happen until November.