Gala plan to mark end of World War One in Doncaster

Edlington is to ditch its traditional gala for a year - to replace it with an event to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.

Monday, 14th May 2018, 9:10 am
A previous Edlington gala

Edlington Town Council has decided to stage a festival to commemorate the anniversary of the war ending, and the first votes for Women.

It will be on Saturday July 28 and will replace the traditional Edlington Gala for this year only, which is normally held on the last Saturday in June.

An organising committee has started preparations for the event.

Plans include a march and marching band to parade from the Top Club to the old pit heads for a short service to commemorate the miners that left the village to serve in the war and never returned, the laying of wreaths and erection of plaques in recognition

There would also be themed activities for the day and costumes from around 1918 - such as suffragettes, a soldier, and miners.

Following the march and service the event would move on to the Yorkshire Main welfare ground for themed activities and possibly a display of war memorabilia.

Edlington Town Council mayor Frank Arrowsmith said: "In 1914, around 1,200 miners volunteered to go to fight in the war and over 100 never returned, or died soon after they returned to the village.

"During that time a lot of miners also got killed in the pit. They had suddenly lost 1,200 workers, and there was pressure put on the miners to produce coal for the war effort - it led to 28 deaths in the mines."

"It will be Edlington's big event this year."

He said Edlington men won around 30 bravery medals during the war, and there were also plans to hold more events to look at the town's contribution to the war effort in November closer to the actual anniversary of the end of the war.