Funding for electric bikes in Rotherham

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Rotherham is among a number of locations in England to benefit from new funding for electric bikes.

Cycling campaigners have described the £700,000 Government investment as ‘long overdue’.

Hundreds of e-bikes will be delivered to 11 hire schemes around the country to appeal to reluctant cyclists.

The locations that will benefit include Rotherham, Brighton, Oxford and Norwich.

But cycling charity CTC claimed the UK’s use of battery-assisted bikes was still behind some European countries.

The Government announced plans last year to double bicycle use in England over the next decade.

CTC policy director, Roger Geffen, said: “An injection of funding for e-bikes is very welcome and long overdue.

“The Dutch and Germans are well ahead of Britain in exploiting the potential of e-bikes to help people cycle for slightly longer journeys than they’d otherwise feel comfortable with, and to continue cycling later in life.

“However it is still only a one-off mini-spurt of cash, and no substitute for the long-term investment in quality cycle provision that is really needed to deliver the Prime Minister’s ambition for a cycling revolution.”

Electric bikes have a small, battery-powered motor to help the rider pedal and are especially useful in hilly areas, or for people who are older or less fit.

Transport minister Andrew Jones said: “Electric bikes are a great way to encourage new people to get into cycling and this announcement will provide an opportunity for thousands more to enjoy the advantages they offer.”