Fright night charity event planned for sick kids

PARANORMAL investigators from Rawmarsh are to stage a charity hunt at a haunted Sheffield pub.

Project-reveal will host the event for the ‘When you Wish Upon a Star’ charity, that helps realise the dreams of very poorly children from this area.

The hunt will take place at the infamous Carbrook Hall pub, on October 27.

Carbrook Hall was built in 1176 by the Blunt family, who stayed in residence for almost six centuries.

Then later, when Cromwell was in power, it became a meeting place for the Parliamentarian forces to plan their offensives against the Royalists. In fact it was from Carbrook Hall that the plans were laid for the eventual successful overthrow of Sheffield Castle.

In 1860 the Hall was listed for the first time as a common beer house.

It now stands proud with its claim of being the most haunted public house in Sheffield. Both staff and punters have given reports of mysterious and often frightening personal experiences.

Does the ghost of Colonel John Bright still tread the boards of the Black Oak Room on the upper floor, or descend the staircase only to vanish at the bottom?

Who is the mysterious elderly lady who sits in the old rocking chair? Or the dark hooded figure of what many witnesses describe as a long-dead monk?

Is it possible that the malevolent spirit of a previous resident creates havoc in the bar area?

Or maybe the sound of children playing outside is an inexplicable recording of a time when the area was a popular playground for locals.

These are just a few claims from a seemingly endless list of alleged experiences. Many more remain unanswered or explained.

To find out about the ghost hunt at the end of this month, contact Lee Steer via the website