Foster gran from Sheffield writes fourth book

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A lifetime of caring for vulnerable young people as a fosterer, led Sheffield gran Sandy Brown to become a published author too.

Mrs Brown wrote her first book and autobiography, Angels Do Tell Lies, in 2009. She went on to write second and third novels loosely based on fostering experiences and has just had her fourth published, opening up her world with husband Gordon.

The couple have invited young people to share their home for more than 45 years, 17 of those working with Foster Care Associates.

Sandy said: “Our journey into fostering started unexpectedly when my niece and her eight children came to live with Gordon and I due to difficult circumstances. My sister was in a troubled relationship and when she was on the edge of losing the children that’s when Gordon and I stepped in.”

After that they learned how to foster properly, and have been exposed to many children and circumstances over the years. They have looked after six-week-old babies, had mothers and babies on respite care and one long term placement for more than 10 years. Sandy said: “If fostering is something you’ve always wanted to do, then you should definitely take the leap.”