Former head gives talk on Bonsai trees

BONSAI with school tales was the talk given to the recent meeting of Epworth and District Flower Club by speaker Norman Britton.

Norman explained that he had been a headteacher in primary and middle schools and combined his talks about Bonsai trees with anecdotes from his teaching career.

Members learned that Norman had begun his hobby of growing trees in 1977 with a packet of seeds and now had 110 trees after sadly losing several in this last very harsh winter.

A spokesman said: “He told us how there were indoor and outdoor varieties and that they must never be allowed to dry out. He told us about the origin, about care, about suitable pots, about the necessary tools and about training and shaping the little trees. All of this however was interspersed with anecdotes about pupils and their parents, colleagues and family and on many occasions the group was in uproar. It was an evening few will forget.”

Norman donated his fee from the evening to the charity Lupus UK, as he had close family members with the disease.

The next meeting will be on Monday, September 5, in the Stephen Jones Community Hall in Haxey at 7.30pm when Maggie Wootton from West Butterwick will demonstrate “My Way”.