Form friendships and keep fit with Isle running club


Form new friendships and keep fit by joining in with a recently launched Isle based running club.

Open to all ages and all abilities, We Can Run! is the brainchild of husband and wife team Allison and Gareth Smith.



Primary school teacher Allison is a keen runner herself, and Gareth competes in Ironman triathlon, and they decided to form the club last year.

Allison explained: “I qualified as a run leader with Run England last June and we started our beginners’ running group last August with an amazing number of 40 members.

“We are currently onto our sixth and final group of this year.”

But what does she put the success of We Can Run! down to?

“Members have tried to run before on their own using an online programme but the key to the success of our programme is the power of the group,” she said.

“Having people there who are all working towards the same goal is priceless. It also helps in those moments of self doubt to know that it can be done and that it has been done many times before.

“Members have an online group where they can arrange to meet up for their homework runs. Many great friendships have been formed over the last year.”

The group teamed up with Real Fitness who assisted at the beginning to develop the programme for the runners, as well as Metres To Miles and the Beauty Clinic in Epworth who have sponsored the club and helped with club kit.

Allison continued: ”The feeling that I have as a coach when I see people going from non-runner to runner in eight weeks is amazing, I love it.

“It’s great to see the changes in the runners too.

“They start to believe in themselves more as the weeks go on and we have a medal celebration at the end of the course to celebrate their success.”

For more information visit the Facebook page where there are lots of reviews, and also visit the website for plenty of testimonials.