Fish breeder’s anger over £40k shed rule

Ted Kitchen from Toll Bar who has been told to demolish his fish breeding building and rebuild it
Ted Kitchen from Toll Bar who has been told to demolish his fish breeding building and rebuild it

A TROPICAL fish buff and councillor fears he will have Doncaster’s most expensive shed after being told he must move it a few yards.

Former miner Ted Kitchen started work on converting an outbuilding near his home in Hall Villa Lane, Toll Bar, into a place where he could breed koi carp, his hobby.

But now the green belt building has fallen foul of planning rules and he has been ordered to demolish it and build it 50 yards closer to his house - potentially putting to cost of the facility up to about £40,000.

He is a member of the committee which ordered the demolition and had to leave the room for the debate.

The Adwick ward councillor said: “I’m trying to recycle all the roof trusses and blocks that I can, but I will have to pay builders to do all the work.

“I have diabetes and have one foot that is dead, so I can’t do it.

“I’ve not met anyone yet who can see the point of me knocking it down and moving it.

“There is no-one in the street who has complained and none of the ward councillors for Bentley have objected.

“There was an old building on the site of the shed, 65ft long and 30ft wide. It’s 42ft by 22ft now. That was a greenhouse and potting shed, but it had to be pulled down because of cracks and subsidence.

“I’ve kept fish for 40 years and at the moment I have to go to Selby to breed them. I want to do that nearer home.

“Having to demolish what I have built it just bureaucracy gone mad. I went to an appeal, but I have lost that. Now I have to flatten it and move it 60 yards. It will have cost me £38,000 to build a shed. It is a joke, but there is nothing else I can do.

“I’m very angry about the situation. I think it stinks.”

Doncaster Council planning committee heard Coun Kitchen’s scheme had already lost an appeal against the refusal of planning permission.

A report to councillors said circumstances had not changed since an Government inspector ruled in 2009 the building was not needed and harmed the openness of the green belt.