First kid’s novel for author Gail

Toby is Lost by Gail Jones.
Toby is Lost by Gail Jones.

Mexborough author Gail Jones, author of young adult trilogy, Family Secrets, Family Fear and Family Missing, has now released her first young children’s book.

Aimed at five to eight-year-olds Toby is Lost tells the story of a young squirrel who ventures out for the first time alone and as the title indicates, becomes lost.

Will anyone help him find his way home?

The book’s illustrator Shaun McClure, an artist and illustrator by profession, originates from Mexborough and now lives in Scotland.

Toby is Lost is available in ebook only from

It is downloadable to kindle devices, smartphones, laptops, ipads and desktops by downloading the kindle app.

The ebook costs 98p and as a special introductory offer it will be free of charge on January 12 and 13. Family Secrets will also be free for download on the same dates.

Gail, 46 continues to work for Rotherham Council in their IT section on a part-time basis while writing with the rest of her time.