First date romance – why not Just order in?

Takeaway food
Takeaway food

Whether they’re feeling frugal or just plain fruity, daters in Yorkshire have been revealed as the most likely to invite a potential partner to spend a night at home with a takeaway on the very first date.

What is it with Yorkshire folk and their sorry excuse for romance these days?

Kate Mason, My Style column. Picture: Marie Caley D5417MC

Kate Mason, My Style column. Picture: Marie Caley D5417MC

I’m sure first time daters don’t expect horse drawn carriages and moonlit strolls but I’m afraid “come round to mine love I’ll order you a chicken korma” is simply not good enough in my opinion.

I’m all for snuggling up on the sofa with a takeaway and a bottle of wine but not on the first date.

This is at least fourth or fifth date etiquette.

I mean I enjoy watching Dinner Date as much as the next person (the Come Dine With Me style cooking show involving blind dates) but in a “real life” environment I believe the first date should be conducted on neutral territory.

Surely you want to get to know a potential new love interest before inviting him or her to snoop around your house.

First dates are awkward enough at the best of times without the added pressure of keeping up appearances at home.

In fact for those of you who want to relish in just how awkward first time dates are need to tune into to First Dates on Channel 4.

The TV show is a fly on the wall look at singletons who are filmed as they stumble across the joys of a first date in a restaurant environment.

The survey of 40,000 Brits in fact revealed daters in Doncaster, Sheffield and Leeds are those most likely to ‘stay in with a takeaway’ on a first date.

The trend for a takeaway date is most prominent in Yorkshire, with a quarter (24%) of daters in Doncaster voting takeaway acceptable for a first date, and almost as many (23%) in Leeds, and 26% in Sheffield.

The average UK singleton would prefer to wait until the third meeting to take a date onto the sofa.

That is according to research carried out in the wake of Man United star Adnan Januzaj’s £18 Nando’s first date, commissioned by JUST EAT, the world’s leading online takeaway service.

The study of the dating habits of over 40,000 UK adults found that nearly one in five Brits are more than happy to stay in for a takeaway on a first date confirming my fears that romance is dwindling when it comes to dating.

There’s plenty of time to sit at home with you other half. At least make the first date something to remember.