Firefighters free food for thought

Dinner is on the fire brigade in Mexborough as firefighters serve-up their latest weapon in the fight against flames – vouchers for oven chips!

Firefighters from the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service will be at the Co-operative supermarket for three days next week handing out the money-off vouchers in a bid to raise awareness of chip pan fires.

They will be dishing out coupons along with kitchen safety advice, to mark National Chip Week – which runs from February 21 to 27 – and to encourage shoppers to shun their old chip pans.

According to the service, chip pans have caused 465 fires, 112 injuries and two deaths in South Yorkshire since 2007.

Steve Makepeace, the head of community safety, said: “It’s perhaps hard to believe, in this day and age, that people still use chip pans. But our data shows they remain a real and present danger.

“You wouldn’t fill a container with flammable liquid and light a flame under it, yet using a chip pan poses the same kind of danger.

“Oven chips or thermostat controlled fryers are much safer, meaning there is no need whatsoever for people to continue putting their lives at risk in this way.”

Officers will be at the Co-op on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning of next week.