Fire service issues barbecue warning to South Yorkshire residents ahead of sizzling weekend

South Yorkshire residents looking to celebrate the sizzling hot weather this weekend are being warned to avoid potentially dangerous barbecue mistakes.

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service has issued a warning to those looking to throw bangers and burgers on the barbie over the next week.

Kevin Ronan, head of community safety, said: “Many people will be taking advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend and after a week of rain, who can blame them.

“All we are saying is before you get started with the sausages and kebabs, take a minute to decide where you’re going to site it. Then, when the coals are properly cooled, dispose of them safely.”

The service shared the following tips:

To make sure your barbecue goes to plan:

-Site it on a flat surface well away from trees, shrubs and grassland

-Keep a bucket of water or sand close by, just in case

-Never use petrol or paraffin on a barbecue, only recognised lighters and starter fuels

-Make sure the coals have properly cooled before disposal and empty ashes onto bare soil, not into the bin

-Recent high-profile deaths on campsites involving barbecues have also prompted safety campaigners to remind campers of the fatal consequences of carbon monoxide poisoning.

-Barbecues continue to give off the deadly gas even after the coals are cool. So campers should never use barbecues inside tents, or to stay warm indoors.

The Met Office is forecasting sunshine for Saturday and Sunday, with some breezes. Temperatures will peak at a moderately warm 15 to 16 degrees Celsius on both days.