Fire safety project to help South Yorkshire businesses

A new fire safety project has been launched in South Yorkshire to reduce the impact of blazes on businesses in the county.

The Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce received funding for the project from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority’s ‘Stronger Safer Communities Reserve’ to help local businesses to become more engaged in fire safety awareness.

A specialist business support service has been set up, dedicated to increasing the uptake of fire safety advice on offer by delivering presentations and providing guidance.

The project will also support the adoption of in house ‘fire safety ambassadors’ to more manage fire risks in smaller businesses.

Andrew Denniff, Chief Executive of the Chamber of Commerce, said: “We will be working closely with the fire service, local authorities and partners in South Yorkshire and will support businesses to become more informed and controlled in dealing with fire safety issues, helping businesses to help themselves.

“We’re targeting a range of businesses across South Yorkshire to continue to reduce the risk of fires in commercial and industrial settings.

“Any drive to encourage more businesses to adopt improved safety practices can only serve to protect employees, business continuity and future growth.

“We hope our initiative will assist the South Yorkshire Fire Authority to continue reducing fires and the risk of fires at business premises.”

Councillor Jim Andrews, chairman of South Yorkshire Fire Authority, said: “The fire service in South Yorkshire has already helped to make our communities safer than they have been at any time in our history, but it’s important those successes are replicated in a commercial context.”