Fire crew’s bid to save dog from canal

FIRE crews launched a dramatic cross-water rescue to save a little dog from drowning.

The cross-breed terrier got stranded on reeds when it ventured into the canal at Elsecar, while off its lead.

After a passer-by failed to reach the Yorkshire Terrier/Jack Russell cross, fire crews were called.

Crews lowered an extension ladder over the reeds and a firefighter crawled out to the dog. Both made it back to shore, and dog and owner were reunited.

The Fire Service warned people to keep themselves – and their pets – away from open water.

A spokesman said: “Whilst the temptation during hot weather may be to cool off in lakes or rivers, it is impossible to gauge their temperature, flow or depth”.

He said people should never fool around by water, but should choose a pool or beach with lifeguards, look for signs that say it is safe to swim and take care on slippery river banks.

They should keep away from the edge of canals, beware of locks and weirs where water flows quickly, never swim, fish or boat alone.

And if you see someone in the water, never jump in – call 999.