Figures show third of road deaths in South Yorkshire are ‘young drivers’

Police tape
Police tape

A THIRD of road death victims in South Yorkshire are young drivers aged between 17 and 25, the latest figures show.

The South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership is appealing to young drivers to slow down and take more care when out and about in their vehicles.

In 2011, across South Yorkshire, of 4,859 people injured in collisions on our roads, 30 were killed.

Parents are being asked to remind their son and daughters about the importance of driving sensibly.

PC Mick Hedges, from South Yorkshire Police, said, “Starting to drive at a young age is something we all look forward to. It’s great getting out and about with our friends, enjoying the freedom and independence that driving brings. But with that new lease of life comes responsibility.

What can seem fun and a great laugh one minute can turn into the worst day of your life in a split second.”

To help address the issues around young drivers, the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership have an ongoing programme of delivering the Drive for Life Programme. This is a free of charge, interactive road safety initiative aiming to reduce the number of all collisions involving young drivers.

Each two-hour session is designed to provide information that will enable young drivers to make sensible and safe decisions when out on our roads. It also encourages young people to think about the impact that being involved in a collision could have on their life, the lives of their friends and family and that of their local community.

It is not only the young drivers themselves that cause collisions, but their passengers too.

John Scruby, a Drive for Life presenter, said, “The behaviour of young people who are passengers in cars is equally as important as the driving itself.

Avoid distracting the driver and if you feel uncomfortable by your drivers actions tell him or her to slow down or stop. Get out and stay out. It will probably be the best decison you will make in your life.”

For further information on road safety or to organise a Drive for Life presentation at your sixth form or college please call the Safer Roads Partnership on 01709 254494 or visit the Drive for Life website at