Fighting in supermarket and drink-fuelled brawls as Doncaster police deal with Mad Friday violence

Police officers on patrol
Police officers on patrol

Fighting in supermarkets and drink-fuelled street brawls were among violent incidents facing Doncaster police on ‘Black Friday’.

Officers tweeted some of the calls they received on what is regarded as one of the busiest days for the force traditionally, as the last Friday befopre Christmas.

The messages tweeted for incidents in Doncaster included the following:

“Officers at scene of reported assault in #Doncaster town centre - one man arrested. Don’t let your night out end in regrets.”

“Officers on their way to reports of 6 people fighting in Christ Church Road #Doncaster - at least one person under the influence of alcohol.”

“Call reporting fighting inside a takeaway in Maltby #Rotherham - officers will be attending #NoRegrets.

“Call about two customers fighting in a supermarket in #Doncaster - let’s hope it’s not over the last turkey! #NoRegrets”

“Officers are assisting @YorksAmbulance staff in #Doncaster after man found under the influence. Make sure you know your limits #NoRegrets”

“Call received their neighbours house has been burgled in Moorends #Doncaster. Police are attending. #NoRegrets”